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How to shop the registry

1. Find the person  or couple you're shopping for on the                 drop down menu.

2. Review the items requested on their page.

3. Each item hyperlinks to a shopping page.

4. The couple's names will appear under the color dropdown on      each item page. Choose their name - not a color. 

5. At check out click the LEAVE A NOTE FOR SELLER box.

6. Include the name of the person/couple you're                               shopping for, your name and return address, and any note         you'd like included.

7. We will send a Gift Announcement to the event,                            letting the recipient know you have made a purchase on            their behalf. This will include your personal note if you                  chose to leave one. 

8. Include any special requests you may have in the note for           seller area.

Upon the completion of the registry event we compile all of the orders, craft each one by and, and fire them all in the kiln together to create maximum consistency. Your gift recipient will only receive the gift announcement on the day of their event. They will receive their registry items some time after.

Handcrafted tableware designed to last a lifetime

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