Shand Stamper

If you’re anything like me, even though you long to stay centered you just don’t have the time to replenish your soul. Re-connecting to the earth reconnects us to ourselves.


Hike in. Touch dirt. Plant seeds. Feed birds. Swim in the ocean. Sleep under the stars.


As a boss lady, mom, and artist, this is the exact reason I stared designing jewelry collections. I've always identified as an "old soul". Felt connected to ways of the past and in tune with the vibrations of the world around me and I've always had a very special connection to jewelry. Every piece I create is first a tribute and memory from my reconnection. My jewelry pieces are talismen to carry with you to ground and remind you of that centered feeling you have when you connect to the world. 

We look to jewelry to make our statements, embody our feelings, symbolize our commitments, mark our accomplishments. We use jewelry to carry our memories into the future.

I’m Shand Stamper, and I spin your stories into contemporary heirloom jewelry pieces as well as hand craft my own amulet jewelry line, infused with my own stories of life, land, and lore. I hand craft each piece using time honored traditions and high quality lasting metals like silver and ethical gold; they are all truly a testament to honoring connection. I can make jewelry that will carry your memories into the future.


You can find me in my studio in a victorian farmhouse in the Lowertown Arts District on the banks of the Ohio River in Paducah, Kentucky.

Commission me to craft your one of a kind piece or choose from my original jewelry featured here or in person at Ochre in midtown Paducah. All of my work is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Shand Stamper Jewelry

Cherish it now.

Pass it on.

I bet we have a bit in common...