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Shand Stamper

I look to jewelry to make statements about my feelings, symbolize  commitments, mark accomplishments, and remember my story. Jewelry is a catalyst carry our memories into the future.

I’m Shand Stamper, and I spin your stories into contemporary heirloom jewelry pieces as well as hand craft my own amulet jewelry line, infused with my own stories of life, land, and lore. I hand craft each piece using time honored traditions and high quality lasting metals like silver and ethical gold; they are all truly a testament to honoring connection. I can make jewelry that will carry your memories into the future.


You can find me in my studio in a victorian farmhouse in the Lowertown Arts District on the banks of the Ohio River in Paducah, Kentucky.

Commission me to craft your one of a kind piece or choose from my original jewelry featured here or in person at Ochre in midtown Paducah. All of my work is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Shand Stamper Jewelry

Cherish it now.

Pass it on.

I bet we have a bit in common...

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