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Mitch Kimball

The vessel that delivers your morning coffee, hugs your hand-picked bouquet, cradles your tasty soup. 


These are the objects of your life. 


Shouldn’t they be as unique as you are?


I’m Mitch Kimball and I throw pots sourced from locally dug Kentucky clays. No two pieces are alike, but all are meant to be enjoyed for their utility, subtle luster, organic color, and smooth and satisfying earthy texture. 


You can find me firing up my hand built kiln in Paducah, Kentucky. Commission me to craft your one of a kind piece or choose from my original offerings featured here or in person at Ochre in midtown. My work is delicate and beautiful enough for gifting, tough enough for the dishwasher or microwave.


Mitch Kimball Pottery

An everyday indulgence.

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