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Dream until the dream comes true

A short 13 years ago Mitch and I got married. We fancied we'd go to China afterward and make pots. That dream proved unattainable for us in our new life together...

A lot has changed over our years together. We've lived in 4 states, experienced natural disaster, lost friends and family. We also made more friends, built our house and studios, started our family, and started a handcraft retail business. Making is still at the heart of everything we do. Making and sharing.

Its important that you know know, we aren't quitters. Especially when it comes to dreaming! This year Mitch applied and was accepted to the Jingdezhen (jing-diz-en) Pottery Workshop. He'll spend the month of June (2018) living and working in the traditional pottery in Porcelain City China. We did it!

The vases above show some cobalt decals he got from a friend who spent time in Jingdezhen. This started his obsession with the traditional processes, materials, and methods of the ancient way. We're excited to see how this experience shows up in his work. The artist way is to constantly grow, evaluate, and change. Thank you for joining us on the ride! Stay tuned to see what's next!

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