This sweet duo of shino fired cups went into and came out of the kiln together. They got the same peppering of ash across their little shoulders. They just look like family. We decided they are our version of a pair; related, but not twins and they need to stay together. This is the exact set available. It will arrive nestled into a bed of recycled craft shred. Protected by a stained pine crate. All local, all sustainable, all good. 

Freckle Shino Crate Set

  • Custom ordered ceramics cannot be refunded. By placing the order the customer acknowledges that each piece is made by a human hand, not a machine, not a mold, and is not completely replicable. The ordering specifications are provided as guidelines. An order may be exchanged, minus shipping cost within one month of purchase/shimment of the item(s). 

    When custom orders are placed the production time can take 4-6 weeks. If you are considering making an order, if you have a sensitive ship time please contact us first, its possible we will have someting in shop that is exactly what you need. Or, if you want to own the exact piece you see visit our "available" page.